Twin Valley Free Will Baptist Church is located in Madison, Wisconsin.  Our pastor and his wife used to attend this church, traveling three hours round trip each Sunday for over a year.  Twin Valley will always have a special place in the hearts of our pastor and his wife.

Landmark Free Will Baptist Church in Cary, North Carolina is pastored by Nate Ange.  Pastor Nate Ange preached our revival services in October, 2016.  Some of his sermons are posted here on our site.

Ark Encounter

The Ark Encounter includes a life size replica of Noah's Ark.  It is professionally done, faith building, and enjoyable to experience--inside and out.  You will want to also take a break in the middle of your tour to partake in the delicious buffet at Emzara'a Restaurant.  If you are able to, eat on the second floor.  We ate on the first floor which was nice and discovered the added benefit of the second floor after we were done.  It is very quiet and the balcony gives a beautiful view of the Ark as you eat.  We took a group of our young people, July 2017.  They came back changed people, fervent in their faith in the truth and reality of God's Word.

Creation Museum

The Creation Museum is a wonderful place to go and spend the day.  Biblical history is brought to life.  Prepare to believe as you view the displays, videos, and planetarium.   I've been there twice; it is wonderful!

National Center for Life and Liberty

The National Center for Life and Liberty partners with churches to support them in legal questions, legal protection, and legal representation.

Michigan Association of Free Will Baptists

Michigan Association of Free Will Baptists is a great link to Free Will Baptist state and national events.

Christian Law Association

Christian Law Association provides legal defense, counsel, and seminars for believers since 1969.

Salt and Light Global

Salt and Light Global articulates and supports biblical theology as it relates to our culture and legal system. A great resource and assistance for believers who want to make a difference.

Online Bible

Online Bible provides free software for original language Bible study. I use the search engine often for the English and/or the original language word.

Online Bible also gives the verb tense. For instance, the “believes” of For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes…, is shown to be in the Greek present tense. The Greek present tense describes ongoing action. So, the passage is correctly understood with the words, whosoever believes and continues to believe in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

You will also find Online Bible, along with many other good Bible study apps available for Apple iOS and Android. I find the Bible apps to be much more useful than software on my desktop and laptop. Because my phone stays on continuously, I can access the information much quicker on the app, via my phone, even when I’m sitting at my desk.