When I Have Time - Luke 14: 12-24

14b When I Have Time Luke 14:12-24


 Do good to those who can’t pay you back. This is the opposite thought of a

large section of our population today-in politics, business, family, and


 Are we making excuses about being a part of God’s Kingdom or are we

responding to his call? Are we putting off the call of God until it is more

convenient? There is plenty of room; he is calling the rich and poor alike.

Though it is harder for a rich person because he thinks he doesn’t need

God’s help.


1. Repent or Perish; Repent and Live 13a 1-9

2. Kingdom Opposed and Applauded 13b 10-21

3. Strive to Enter In 13c 22-30

4. Live Humbly 14a 1-11

5. When I Have Time 14b 12-24

I. Do good to those who can’t return it 12-14

A. Do not call 12-12

1. Jesus continues his instruction 12

2. to them that invited him to dinner. 12

3. When you make a dinner or supper 12

a. Not 12

1) Do not call your friends 12

2) Do not call your close and extended family 12

a) Do not call your brethren 12

b) Do not call your relatives 12

3) Do not call your rich neighbors 12

b. Lest they return the favor 12


14b When I Have Time Luke 14:12-24

B. Call 13-14

1. When you make a feast call the poor 13

a. Call the maimed 13

b. Call the lame 13

c. Call the blind 13

C. You will be blessed 14

1. Because they cannot pay you back 14

2. Rather you will be paid back 14

3. at the resurrection of the just 14

II. God’s supper plans (Kingdom events) don’t stop because some reject his

invitation 15-24

A. invitation 15-17

1. It is blessed to feast in God’s Kingdom 15

a. Someone speaks up and says 15

b. Blessed is he that shall eat bread 15

c. In the kingdom of God 15

2. Invitation given 16

a. Jesus: A certain man made a great supper 16

b. He invited (bade-called) a lot of people 16

3. Supper is ready 17

a. When he was ready for the supper 17

b. He sent his servant out to remind them 17

c. Servant: Come now the supper is ready 17

B. Each one of them begins to make excuses (I’ll come when I have time.)


1. First: I have just purchased a field 18

a. I have to go see it 18

b. Please excuse me 18

2. Second: I just bought five yoke of oxen 19

a. I am going to test them right now 19

b. Please excuse me 19

3. Third: I just got married 20


14b When I Have Time Luke 14:12-24

a. I cannot come 20

C. Others are invited 21

1. Master: go out quickly into the streets and lanes of the city 21

a. The servent presents all the excuses 21

b. The Master reacts in anger 21

c. Bring in the poor 21

1) Bring in the maimed 21

2) Bring in the halt 21

3) Bring in the blind 21

2. Still more room21-22

a. The servant returns to the master 21

b. Servant: it is done just like you commanded 22

c. Yet there is still more room (There is plenty of room) 22

3. Bring in more people 43-24

a. The Lord: Go out into the highways and hedges 23

1) Compel them to come in 23

2) That my house may be filled 23

b. For I say unto you 24

1) None of those men which were bidden 24

2) Shall taste of my supper 24

3) (Their time to accept the invitation is up.)

Conclusion: When I have time……I’ll get right with God and serve him in his