The Epistle of James

Destructive Tongue - James 3:6-8


1.     Let the trial produce 1a 1-4

2.     Liberal Giver 1b 1-8

3.     Fades Away 1c 9-11

4.     Drawn Away by Lust 1d 12-16

5.     First Fruits 1e 17-20

6.     Doers 1f 21-27

7.     Rich in Faith 2a 1-5

8.     Guilty of All 2b 6-10

9.     Law of Liberty 2c 11-13

10.                        Dead faith 2d 14-20

11.                        Justified by Works 2e 21-26

12.                        Control the tongue 3a 1-5

13.                        Tongue is set on fire by hell 3b 6-8


Introduction: How afraid are you of fire?  What about hell fire?  Are you afraid of what the tongue can do?

       I.            On fire 6

A.    An evil fire 6

1.     The tongue is a fire 6

2.     A world of iniquity 6

B.     Defiles the whole body 6

1.     So is the tongue among our members 6

2.     That it defiles the whole body 6

C.     Set on fire by hell 6

1.     And sets on fire the course of nature 6

2.     And it is set on fire of hell 6



     II.            Untamable 7

A.    For every kind of beasts 7

1.     And of birds 7

2.     And of serpents 7

3.     And of things in the sea 7

B.     Tamable 7

1.     Is tamed 7

2.     And has been tamed by mankind 8

C.     But no man can tame the tongue 8

  III.            Evil and deadly 8

A.    The tongue is an unruly evil 8

B.     The tongue is full of deadly poison 8


Conclusion:  The tongue is an example of works.  Faith is evidenced by works.  The tongue’s action is a work.

Review: remember its all done by God’s power—what is on the inside of us

The difference between “faith evidenced by works” and a “works” salvation:

·        It depends on who performs the work.  God or me.  Faith accesses grace; grace is God’s power (God’s work) to say no to the sins of the flesh, selfishness-lust.


·        It also depends on what I am depending on.  Am I trying to do more good than bad so God will look favorable on me? So now it is a process to earn my salvation-which is impossible.  Or am I justified, saved in a moment of time by faith placed in Jesus Christ who gives me perfect righteousness and grace to continue in righteous living?