Tongue Control - James 3:1-5

       I.            The secret to controlling our whole body 1-2

A.    Teachers have greater responsibility 1

1.     My brethren, be not many masters 1

2.     Knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation 1

B.    Control the tongue (what’s inside us); control the whole body 2

1.     Control our words…2

a.     For in many things we offend all 2

b.     If any man offend not in word 2

2.     We are really talking about our heart condition; who we are on the inside; spelled out in our thoughts

a.     For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks (Mat 12:34)

b.     Our words will eventually picture to others what is on the inside

c.      What we love; we talk about; it sort of bursts out of us

3.     Control our whole body 2

a.     The same is a perfect man 2

b.     And able to bridle the whole body 2



     II.            Illustrations of control the little, to control the big  3-4

A.    Control the bit; control the horse 3

1.     Behold, we put bits in horses mouths 3

2.     That they obey us 3

3.     And we turn about their whole body 3

B.    Control the rudder; control the whole ship 4

1.     Takes a fierce wind to drive ships 4

a.     Behold also the ships 4

b.     Which though they be so great 4

c.      And are driven of fierce winds 4

2.     Yet turned by a small rudder 4

a.     Yet they are turned about 4

b.     With a very small helm 4

c.      Wherever the pilot (steering) turns (with violent motion) 4

  III.            Secret repeated 5

A.    Little but powerful (control it; what we are on the inside!! And you control your whole body) 5

1.     Even so the tongue is a little member 5

2.     And boasts great things 5

B.     Next time 5-

1.     Behold how great a matter a little fire kindles 5

2.     More about fire next time—the destructive force


Conclusion:  What does James mean by “justified by works”?  Faith produces works just like an apple tree produces leaves and apples. 

Review: remember its all done by God’s power—what is on the inside of us

The difference between “faith evidenced by works” and a “works” salvation:

·        It depends on who performs the work.  God or me.  Faith accesses grace; grace is God’s power (God’s work) to say no to the sins of the flesh, selfishness-lust.


·        It also depends on what I am depending on.  Am I trying to do more good than bad so God will look favorable on me? So now it is a process to earn my salvation-which is impossible.  Or am I justified, saved in a moment of time by faith placed in Jesus Christ who gives me perfect righteousness and grace to continue in righteous living?